Terms & Conditions

The following will make up the general terms and conditions of sale, order or contract to use the services of Karen Perry Interiors.

First Consultation & Quotes 

A consultation is free of charge within 15 miles of North Kent. A small fee is payable for distance travelling outside of this area.

The initial consultation is to discuss your requirements and take notes of a brief measure for the work, sometimes it is giving colour and advise on the type of fabric for the projects or design advice and making notes for a more detailed window measurement to be able to price exactly for the bespoke products. Please note that we offer a full design service and a selection of mood boards at various prices. Whilst advise is given on suitability of fabrics for projects including hard blinds, the final fabric choice will always remain the responsibility of the customer and no liability can be taken for the customer selecting fabrics not fit for the project, product or purpose.

A quote will follow and is detailed to cover the aspects discussed at your consultation, breaking down into various items where necessary the items required, prices of fabrics change regularly so the quote is only valid for 45 days.

Deposits payable & Final Payments

A deposit of 70% on an agreed soft furnishings quote is required to proceed with an order. Orders for Factory hard blinds, designer poles and furniture full payment is required with the order. Payment can be made by Internet banking/bacs, Cash, or card machine or secure website payments are accepted at a 0% charge. Payment of the deposit is confirmation that you accept the terms and conditions as stated and you are legally bound by them on entering a contract with Karen Perry Interiors. A copy is available on the website and also sent with all email order confirmations, and all orders made with Karen Perry Interiors are placed under these terms.   

Made to measure orders are bespoke to your specific requirements and therefore the deposit is non-refundable, in all circumstances,  you do however get a cooling off period to change your mind about the order of 5 days, other than for factory made blinds where you either require or need the 7/10 day delivery. Once the order for your chosen fabrics has been made with the suppliers you cannot change it (other than during the 5 day cooling off period).   Final fabric choice will always remain the responsibility of the customer and not Karen Perry Interiors..

Interim payments may be payable on partial completion of an order (e.g. where having more than one room done, or if a factory blind is supplied as part of a bigger curtain order) we also reserve the right to ask for interim payments as and when we feel appropriate to proceed with the order, or for other payments on any additional items supplied or added as the work progresses.

Final payment is due on completion or installation, on the day of fitting the items supplied, please note that payment will be required in cleared funds so if paying by internet banking or card machine payment needs to be made prior to any major fitting work commencing, if making stage payments this is normally a final payment covering labour costs as materials and poles are normally paid for from stage payments or deposits.  On occasion where fabrics or products are sourced from suppliers that we do not normally use we may ask for payment in full for that fabric or product.

Please note all goods remain the property of Karen Perry Interiors until the entire order has been paid for in full. We reserve the right to with hold any such made to order goods until full payment of the entire order is received.


We come to hang your curtains and blinds if required the price is normally included at quote stage, please note we do use independent fitters to put up poles & tracks, they have their own insurance and Karen Perry Interiors cannot be held responsible for negligence or damage caused whilst they do the fitting work, conditions of walls and soffits are not the resposibility of the fitter,  if the areas to be drilled are unfit for drilling or in disrepair, drilling or fitting may cause further issues and fitters are not liable for any repair.. Should you wish to see the fitters insurance please ask, payment for fitting can be made to either the fitter or to Karen Perry Interiors, this will be discussed at quote stage depending on the level of fitting work required.

Fitters costs are non-refundable, once a fitting date is given it can only be changed by prior arrangement and by giving atleast 48 hours notice, otherwise fitters cancellation costs will be invoiced accordingly.

Hard factory blinds are guaranteed for 12 months from delivery from factory to Karen Perry Interiors, guarantee is from the factory covering the hardware, technical and fabric issues. Liability for fabric choice will remain with the customer regardless of any advice given at consultation stage as to whether fabric is suitable for purpose.  General wear from daily use is not covered.  Advice will be given on best way to operate blinds.  

During the past year blind safety has been an issue and we are now compliant to BS EN13120, The fitters are fully aware of the standard and will advise where necessary positioning of blind chains and cords to comply with the complaint standard.

Soft furnsihings fabrics supplied are checked for faults and technical issues, but any arising after make up and hanging will be taken up with the fabric company and resolved as appropriate if it is deemed the fabric has technical issues.  General wear and use of fabrics is not covered by guarantee other than the standard Martindale rub test for the chosen fabric and as detailed by fabric company. Made to measure labour making services are guaranteed for 12 months by Karen Perry Interiors.


Delivery timescales

Generally the turnaround for made to order from deposit is around 6 weeks, unless using the 7/10 day factory blind service.

Out of stock items like fabrics can delay delivery as can workloads during busy periods, we try to keep to agreed delivery timescales but cannot guarantee to do so. We tend to work with you to ensure little disruption to your work schedule and we will liaise with you during the order period to keep you best informed.

We will contact you to arrange fitting and delivery, we will store items if you are not ready to take delivery provided they are paid for in full, otherwise we will only hold for a given reasonable time which will inform you of when asking for final payment.